The Art Department aims to provide all students with the opportunity to:

  • Develop skills in a range of media to express ideas through the use of the visual language of line shape colour tone form texture and scale
  • Gain awareness and understanding and respond to a range of art and design conventions, contexts, movements and cultures
  • Use language to record information and opinions, describe, interpret, analyse and evaluate images and forms.
  • Develop independence and initiative to make their own decisions about the direction of their work through thoughtful review and reflection

We have two KS3/KS4 art rooms, a KS5 art and photography studio and an ICT suite. We also have a kiln room for processing ceramic work.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 students complete a range of projects that enable them to develop  confidence in core skills and understanding, for example in Year 7 Urban artist Kenny Scharf’s work provides an opportunity for collaborative work and building confidence with blending colour and creating the illusion of 3D form. In Year 8 drawing, the emphasis of portrait drawing and Pop art are explored through the work of Julian Opie and Roy Lichtenstein

Key Stage 4

For KS4 the faculty runs the OCR GCSE Art and Design Fine Art; this course is internally assessed and externally moderated and is comprised of 60% coursework and 40% exam. Students complete four projects, the best of which is selected for the course work unit and is submitted at the end of the course. A 10 hour exam takes place at the end of April.

Key Stage 5

In KS5 the faculty runs the both OCR A-Level Art and Design: Fine Art and Photography. Again, these courses are is internally assessed and externally moderated and comprised of 60% coursework and 40% exam.

The courses lead to careers in Art & Design via further education Foundation courses: Graphic design, Textile design, fine art, Photography, Architecture, interior design, product design, Fashion.


Students are presented with a variety of enrichment opportunities including:

  • In KS3 students have the opportunity to undertake Set painting for school productions
  • In KS4 and KS5 students have the opportunity to attend trips to Art Galleries in London and Birmingham

The subject leader is Mr M Stevenson to whom all queries regarding Art at JMHS should be addressed.