The Technology and Enterprise Faculty incorporates Design Technology, Food and Nutrition and Art. The faculties aim is to provide students with a wide range of opportunities to fully explore these diverse, broad subject areas. Where ever possible student’s learning is structured around practical hands on learning. This is either through weekly cooking covering different menus and ingredients or through design manufacturing tasks incorporating different materials and tools. Students experience at KS3 aims to equip students with important foundations skills and subject knowledge along side developing their confidence to work independently in a safe, productive manner. Tasks encourage students to explore their own creative problem solving and provides the opportunity for them to differentiate their work to challenge their abilities.

The faculty has one fully equipped food room (kitchen) as well as a practical demonstration room. There are two ICT rooms for designing and computer aided manufacturing. The faculty have two workshops.


During year 7 and 8 students complete a rotation covering Design Technology (Resistant Materials), Product Design/Graphics and Food Nutrition. Their work is assessed based on their applied knowledge, design development and technical skills (including practical).

Students are encouraged to peer feedback on certain tasks to support teacher’s formative assessment which is completed using the school feedback stickers.

Student’s experiences at KS3 enable them to make informed decisions about opting to study either AQA Design Technology GCSE or Food Nutrition GCSE in year 9.


During year 9 students are encouraged to develop and embed their technical competence in their chosen subject through a range of skill based tasks. This is supported by the increased exploration of terminology and subject specific knowledge to help prepare students for their controlled assessment tasks which commence either towards the end of year 10 or at the start of year 11. Students use allocated lessons and homework time to complete a vigorous revision programme to help prepare them for their final examination at the end of year 11.

Students are encouraged to provide peer feedback to support Teacher’s formative assessment. Students receive both group and individual tutorial feedback to help them develop their projects and identify areas for further exploration. Students complete an end of year 9 examination. They will complete a Yr10 and yr11 mock examination using past GCSE past papers.


Currently we do not offer Food and Nutrition at KS5. A Level Graphic design is scheduled to commence in September 2017.

Where next?

There are a wide range of opportunities available to students after GCSE and A level. Students could move onto college or university to pursue a career in areas like:

Hospitality or catering courses, Graphic Design and visual communications, Interior design, Engineering, Carpentry, Product design, Advertising, Architecture, construction, Fashion, Mechanics etc.


The faculty run two KS3 enrichment opportunities. Cookery club is aimed at year 7 students and a practical Design Technology club open to all students.

The faculty take an active role in school challenge days enabling students to engage in enterprise and practical activities.

The Faculty Leader is Mr Stevenson, to whom all queries regarding Design and Technology at JMHS should be addressed.