The English Faculty’s key aims are to equip all students with the skills to communicate effectively and to develop a lifelong enjoyment of reading and writing.

We believe passionately in delivering a curriculum that inspires, engages and challenges students. English is the perfect vehicle to explore a variety of themes from childhood to conflict, broadening students’ understanding of the world around. Alongside of this, students are taught the fundamental basic skills, including students’ knowledge of grammar that underpin effective reading, writing and speaking and listening.

The English Faculty has a suite of rooms near the school library. All rooms have interactive whiteboards and visualisers. The faculty works closely with the school librarian and the library is seen very much as an extension of our teaching space.

For each KS3, KS4 and Sixth Form

At KS3 students are taught the skills that underpin the study of English Language and English Literature. All students have a weekly reading session and follow the Accelerated Reading Programme which enables teachers to track students’ progress as readers. At KS3, homeworks reinforce students’ knowledge of grammar, give opportunities for practising writing skills and develop vocabulary and spelling skills.

At KS4 students follow the AQA courses in English Language and English Literature.

At KS5 students follow the Edexcel English Literature course.

  • Assessment is ongoing. Students are given formative feedback and are set personal targets at KS3. The steps for improvement are linked to the Mastery framework which in turn is linked to the J Scale assessment points.

In addition to this, all students take standardised spelling and reading tests.

  • At KS4 and KS5 students are assessed against the criteria published in the examination boards’ mark schemes.

At all stages students teachers engage in dialogue with students about their progress and their next steps.

  • Success in English opens up countless opportunities and possible career pathways include teaching, the law, the media, the arts, the business world and the public sector.

Students are given numerous opportunities for enriching experiences beyond the classroom. These include poetry workshops, visits from authors, theatre visits, BBC school report and participating in national competitions.

The Faculty Leader is Mrs J Davies, to whom all queries regarding English at JMHS should be made.

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