Through the study of French and German we aim to foster excellent language skills and inspire a long term enthusiasm and curiosity for language learning. As part of this journey we enable students to gain a deeper understanding of another culture in order to develop tolerance and a broader perspective of the world.

We believe in a curriculum which engages and challenges all students, regardless of ability, to achieve their personal best and become reflective learners. Progress is underpinned by an understanding of language and how it is used, together with mastery of key skills in language learning. We believe in balancing rigour and enjoyment through a range of collaborative, creative and independent learning experiences in the classroom and beyond.

The Modern Languages Faculty has a suite of four teaching rooms, all equipped with interactive whiteboards and we have regular access to one of the specialist computer rooms.


On entry students are taught three hours of either French or German per week, in mixed ability classes. In Y8 students are set according to ability to allow quicker progression or language support as needed. The top sets in each language study a second language in year 8 and as dual linguists will have 2 hours of each language per week. Assessment is generally half-termly with an end of year exam and covers the four language skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.


At KS4 we follow the AQA GCSE course in French or German for two and a half hours per week. The topics covered include:

Family and relationships, leisure, festivals and traditions, holidays, home, the environment, school life, work and careers.

The GCSE exam has equal weighting in listening, reading, writing and speaking and regular assessment throughout KS4 ensures that students develop their exam skills and are confident in approaching the final exam.


At KS5 we continue to follow the AQA course in both French and German. Through a range of contemporary topics, students learn to discuss at length and defend their stance on contentious issues. In addition to four hours of teaching, students have a thirty minute, individual lesson with a native speaker. We use film, music, news articles and visits to enhance the curriculum and make it relevant and inspiring for the students.

Career opportunities

Combining Languages with another subject can offer many interesting career opportunities with an international dimension:

Business, Industry, Law, Hospitality and Catering , Journalism and Media, The Armed Services, The Travel Industry, The Diplomatic Service, Fashion, Sport, Translation and Interpreting and Teaching.


 Students have the opportunity to visit France and Germany in each of the key stages:

KS3   Normandy / Rhineland

KS4   Paris / Cologne

KS5   Sixth Form Exchange to Bayeux / Berlin

In KS 4 & 5 we offer film nights and university visits. The Year 9 Language Leaders help to promote Languages at school events such as open evenings and also prepare and teach their own language lesson in our feeder primary schools.

The Faculty Leader is Mrs Knight to whom all queries regarding Modern Languages should be made.