JM6 Literature and Art Trip

On Friday 11th March, Sixth-form Literature and Art students from JM6 travelled to the beautiful city of Bath to explore how context plays an essential part in how Art and Literature are produced, displayed and understood.
One of our key A-level Literature prose texts, Frankenstein, was largely written in Bath, and recently a new museum has opened to celebrate and consider this.  Our visit gave Literature students the chance to consider how Shelley’s historical, social and literary context shaped the creation and reception of her ‘monstrous’ novel.  Through creative and imaginative curation of the gallery space, it also allowed students to understand the enduring power of the Gothic genre to be delightfully disturbing… especially in the basement, where uncanny exhibits were arranged to create a deliberately frightening effect, and included jump-scare sound effects and costumed actors lurking menacingly in the shadows!
Art students visited the Victoria Art Gallery to explore that particular public exhibition space and the ways that art can respond to a place and time.  Later on, the Art and Literature groups joined up for a rainy tour of central Bath.  We considered the magnificent Neoclassical architecture of the Royal Crescent, The Circus, the Assembly Rooms, and how the architectural messages about the ownership and display of culture were combined with equally potent messages about wealth and status.



Published on 18th March 2022