We pride ourselves in placing the students on the correct courses.  Our retention rate of 95% (i.e the percentage of students starting their A levels who complete with us) is far better than the national average of 80% and is testament to the effectiveness of our induction processes.

Our entry requirements to Sixth Form are as follows:

  • You must have achieved at least a GCSE Level 6 / BTEC Merit grade in any subject you wish to pursue in the Sixth form.
  • Some subjects have higher entry requirements due to the demands of the course. To study Biology or Chemistry you will need a Level 7 or a strong Level 6. For Maths a level 7 and for Physics a Level 7 or strong 6 at GCSE, plus preferably also Level 7 Maths. To study Psychology, an English and Science grade of at least level 5 at GCSE will be required.
  • Students should check the individual entry requirements for each subject page which can be found in the Prospectus http://www.jmhs.hereford.sch.uk/sixth-form/about-us/sixth-form-prospectus/
  • Students can pursue purely academic A-levels, L3 vocational qualifications, or a mixture of the two.
  • Students who have not attained Level 4 in GCSE English or Maths will be supported to improve their grade.
  • Finally it is unusual for us to accept any student with an attendance record of lower than 95% in Y11.

I hope this encourages students to apply themselves fully from day one of Year 11 to achieve the grades they need to continue with us in our very successful Sixth Form.

The recruitment programme includes:

Mid-October Open Evening – an opportunity to look around the Sixth Form and meet subject staff and students
late-October Taster Day to experience Sixth Form lessons
Early-November Interview with the Head of Sixth Form
January/February Interview with the Head of Sixth Form (second round)
March Conditional offer letters sent
Early July Prospective Sixth Form students attend our transition programme aimed at bridging the considerable gap between GCSE and A-level work
August GCSE results day – students are invited to enrol to formalise their options


External students may apply by completing the online application form which can be found by following this link: http://www.jmhs.hereford.sch.uk/sixth-form/about-us/sixth-form-prospectus/

Students from other schools are welcome to apply and will follow the same recruitment process as students from JMHS. Educational references will be obtained before confirmation of a place.

Prospective students are welcome to attend the Sixth Form at any time. Please contact our Head of Sixth Form on 01531 631012 x370 or by email:  mark.hawksworth@jmhs.hereford.sch.uk to arrange a mutually convenient time

Mr M Hawksworth
Head of Sixth Form / Assistant Headteacher