Enrichment Programme

At John Masefield, we know how important it is to develop students’ experience of the world, cultural capital, character and sense of adventure. For this reason, John Masefield follow an Enrichment programme that supports and develops their character in line with our expectations of students, which is to ASPIRE to be the best we can be.  In order to empower them to become happy and successful in life, education and employment.

Details of the enrichment programme for the Summer Half Term 1 can be accessed via the link below.  If your young person would like to take part in any of these exciting opportunities, then please follow the sign-up instructions alongside each specific club and activity. Most clubs and activities require parents/carers to sign up via Schoolcloud. A guide to Schoolcloud can accessed via the link below and you will be able to register your son and daughter from Sunday 23 April 2023.  Please note, if your child has been signed up to a club or an activity last term, they will need to be signed up again if they would still like to be apart of it.

Activities and clubs which are after school, will require students to meet the club coordinator at their enrichment point in the Bus Park, this is where they will be collected by a staff member and escorted to the location their club will be held. The enrichment points are at the back of the bus park.

Furthermore, if your child would like to participate in a sports club then they should bring their PE kit to school, where they will have the opportunity to change.

In the event that a club or activity has to be cancelled, a message will be sent to all parents and carers via ParentPay and students will be informed at the earliest convenience. If students are unable to travel home, then we ask students to head straight to Student Services where contact will be made with their parent or carer. If contact is unable to be made, Homework club will host students until they are able to access their transport.

All extra-curricular clubs and activities will end at 4.30pm, and we ask that parents and carers arrange transport home with their child. In the event that you are unable to collect your child, or that you need to change the travel arrangements, we ask that you ring Reception as soon as possible to inform them of this. If you are picking up your son or daughter by car, please could you arrive by 4.35pm at the latest, park in a designated space in the car park and wait for your son or daughter to walk to your car.

All clubs and activities will start from Monday 24 April 2023

Miss Hayley Newnes
Enrichment Coordinator

Summer Term – Half Term 1

SchoolCloud Enrichment Parental Sign Up Instructions