We consider that uniform is important for several reasons:

  • It provides students with a sense of identity, pride in our school and minimises differences
  • It helps to instil in students a sense of purpose when they put on their uniform in the mornings
  • It overcomes the problem for both parents and teachers of what is or is not suitable for school

At the same time we are anxious that the uniform should not cost you any more than the clothing you would normally buy for your children so we have worked with our suppliers to ensure that our uniform is cost effective, easy care, hard wearing and appropriate for the demands of the school day.  We understand that purchasing a new uniform can be costly for parents and carers, and if you have concerns about meeting this cost please contact us at admin@jmhs.hereford.sch.uk  and we will try and help. We have a supply of good quality second-hand uniform, including a limited supply of PE uniform, please contact Mrs Chadney at val.chadney@jmhs.hereford.sch.uk  for more details.

Uniform Suppliers

To assist you with the purchase of JMHS uniform, we have two suppliers.  Their details are listed below:

  1. Clubsport, 24 The Homend, Ledbury, HR8 1BT, tel: 01531 635242, Opening Hours – Monday to Saturday 9am – 5.30pm Follow this link to the ClubSport website for online ordering 
  2. JMHS uniform online from local supplier ‘Your Name On It’. Just click this link  JMHS online ordering.  They can also take telephone orders on 01886 881 081.

Students who do not comply with uniform requirements will be isolated at break and lunchtimes.

Please following the link below for the full JMHS school uniform list.

JMHS School Uniform List

Second-hand uniform donations
School would welcome any good condition, second hand uniform that students have out grown or no longer require at the end of Year 11.
Please bring it in to Reception for the attention of Mrs Chadney.
If you would like to purchase second-hand uniform, please contact Mrs Chadney at val.chadney@jmhs.hereford.sch.uk  for more details.