The Friends of John Masefield High School (FJMHS) are a parents group who support the school by donating time, resources and money to help make JMHS an even better place for our children.

They have their own website at where you can find information.

There is a second-hand uniform store and donations are also most welcome.

If you just wish to donate, you can do so by clicking or scanning the QR code below (screen can be a bit slow to load, so please be patient). When you enter the amount you want to pay and click the Donate button, you will be asked if you want to pay via your bank app or by a credit card. Choosing the bank app option will  then ask you to log into your bank’s online banking app and transfer the money from there. This is much cheaper than using a credit card and easier when done on a mobile phone and is the preferred option. You can also register the donation for Gift Aid which will increase the value of your donation, so please enter your email when requested to register for this.

Donation button for FJMHS
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School Lottery launch

The Friends of John Masefield High School have launched a lottery! All of our profit goes to OUR school!
A GUARANTEED prize to someone on our supporter list every week!
Start supporting NOW for only £1 a week!
A further chance of winning £25,000 in a separate draw EVERY WEEK

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For more information about FJMHS, take a look at our website: