Awarding examination grades for Summer 2020:  Update 21/4/2020 from Mr Evans

An announcement was made on Friday 3 April about how GCSE and A-Level grades are to be awarded.  Teachers are to submit the grade that they believe each student would have achieved had they sat their GCSE or A-Level examination, based on a range of evidence including work completed throughout the course and the results of assessments, tests and mock exams.  These grades are then moderated by the Curriculum Leader or an experienced teacher for the subject to check that they are fair for all classes taking the subject.  Senior staff, including myself as Headteacher, will check that the processes that have been followed across all subjects to make sure that they are as fair and thorough as possible.  The teachers will then place the students in a rank order for their subject.  For example if there are 20 students who have been given grade 6 in maths, the maths teachers would need to rank the students from 1 to 20.  Our teachers are putting in place thorough procedures to make sure this process is done as fairly and accurately as possible.  Once this has been completed and the processes used have been checked by myself and senior staff, grades will be submitted to the exam boards.  Exam boards will then check the overall grades the school has awarded using a range of statistical measures, and  decide whether and how to adjust the grades moving them up or down depending on whether they feel we have been too generous or too strict in each subject.  

We have been instructed by the exam boards and the government that we must not discuss the grades teachers are recommending or the rank order with any parent or any student, so it is very important that students and parents do not ask teachers questions about the grades they are recommending or the rank order.  I can however assure parents that the process being followed in all subjects at JMHS is extremely thorough with all teachers working hard to ensure grades and the rank order are fair and accurate.

We have been informed that students or parents will be able to lodge an appeal if they feel that the school or exam board have not followed processes correctly.  We have also been informed that students may retake exams where they are dissatisfied with grades in September.

The procedures for awarding grades for vocational subjects have not yet been published.

It has now been confirmed that A-Level results will be issued on Thursday 13 August and GCSE results on Thursday 20 August.  We will let you know nearer the time how these results will be distributed to students.

Exam Results

Exam Results Summary Summer 2018

Exam Results Summary Summer 2017

Exam Results Summary 2016

Exam Summary Summer 2015

Exam Times

Following a review of exams procedures JMHS will now start all morning exams at 9:00 and all afternoon exams at 13:00.  Students must ensure that they arrive at the exam venue at least 20 minutes before the start time of the exam.  Parents will need to ensure that suitable travel arrangements exist for students where exams finish after normal school hours.

Equipment required for Exams

Please can Students and their Parents ensure that they bring the appropriate equipment to all exams.  To avoid delays at the start of the exam disadvantaging all candidates, equipment will not be lent out in the exam venue until the exam has commenced, hence students need to ensure that they arrive at the venue with all of the equipment that they require:

1. Calculator
2. Ruler
3. Black ink pen (biro, roller ball, etc.)
4. Pencil (sharp, not coloured, and appropriate hardness – i.e. HB – 2H)
5. Eraser
6. Pencil sharpener
and additionally for some Maths exams –
7. Compass
8. Protractor

Controlled Assessments

Controlled Assessment is similar to coursework in many ways but is carried out under supervised conditions.  It aims to give candidates an opportunity to show what they know about a certain topic or area of a subject.  For more information see the JCQ Notice to candidates – controlled assessments or this guide in plain English.

Avoiding plagiarism 

Ofqual, in partnership with, has published three new guides to give teachers, students and parents/carers a greater understanding of how to produce honest, authentic and correctly referenced work. The guides are available for download from The Student Guide – Using Sources describes how sources can be checked for authenticity, authority and accuracy using a range of techniques including specific advice about popular wiki resources, such as Wikipedia – which the guide highlights as an excellent starting point for research – so long as the material is verified using authoritative sources!

The Parents’ Guide includes additional background information on the subject of plagiarism.

Dates for forthcoming exams 

Not appliable


Results days 2020

Series Results available
 Summer 2020 AS and A2 Thursday 13 August
 Summer 2020 GCSE Thursday 20 August


All of the exams are run to the rules set out by the Joint Council for Qualifications

Information for Candidates 2018-19

Candidates attention is drawn to the following documents:

Y11 Important exam information for candidates

Y13 Important exam information for candidates

Warning to Candidates

Privacy Notice

No Mobile Phones


Please contact the Exams Officer with any enquiries (term time only):

Phone:  01531 631012

JMHS retains uncollected exam certificates for one year from the date of issue after which any unclaimed certificates may be destroyed by a secure method (for example by shredding or incineration) in accordance with guidelines from the JCQ. To obtain copies of past certificates you should contact the exam board(s) whose exams you originally sat.


Ofqual Guides – Advice and Training. Available at: (Accessed: 24 February 2010)