Year 12 Promote the VI Form to Year 10s

The new Student Leadership Team for 2024/25 led a special Subject Carousel session for Year 10s to help them in their decision making for their Sixth Form years. They encouraged other Year 12s to help on the morning both in terms of explaining to Year 10s what A-Level subjects were available in the VI Form and the course content, including some live chemistry experiments!

Due to photo permission restrictions, we have not included any photos of Year 10 students other than when the shots are from behind or where we have been able to blur faces, but we did want to give readers an idea of what the event involved.


It’s not easy for students to choose subjects for A-Level and so this kind of opportunity is key. Students commented on “how nice it was to engage with sixth-formers rather than teachers for an honest view of the subjects and VI Form life” and “the take-away subject cards with their QR codes are so useful”.  The QR codes for each subject take students through to the JM6 Courses webpages, so please do explore these together at home with your children as they head towards their GCSE year in September.


Year 10s will soon be experiencing a bit more of VI Form life on Thursday June 27th when they will spend a full day at JM6 on their Next Steps Day.

We look forward to welcoming them!

Published on 14th June 2024