Watch this space for new case studies from some of our former students.

If you would like to share your details to the Alumni Blog Spot, we’d love to hear from you! Current students would be really interested to know how your journey after JM6 has developed, so please contact Mrs Laidler by email:

In addition, we have been fortunate to have had a number of former students speak to current students to help motivate and inspire. If you are in Ledbury soon and would like to give something back, please consider a 30-minute slot to talk about your achievements, how you got there and perhaps talk us through your future aspirations. We always like to facilitate Q & A session afterwards for students who may be interested in your field.

Please read these success stories from some of our past students. We look forward to adding many more!

Here’s an article from Tom Snelling – Click on the graphic to read his story! Enjoy this story from Jake Eager-Nash – Click on the earth! Katy’s degree in Medical Imaging evolde into a Masters and career in Ecology!