JM6 Transition programme

The JM6 Transition programme for Year 11 students is held in the summer term, the programme gives the Year 11 students an excellent start to bridging the considerable gap between GCSE work and the far more demanding A Level and Level 3 work.







The programme is aimed at consolidating existing and acquiring new core skills and knowledge required in each of the student’s chosen Sixth Form subjects. It is also an opportunity for students who are still unsure about subject choices to spend a little more time sampling subjects they are considering to aid their final choice.


The programme involves one lesson in each of the student’s chosen subjects. In most subjects, students will also be given some further tasks to complete independently at home over the Summer break ready for the start of their Sixth form courses in September.

It is expected that, in most cases, students will attend all their relevant transition sessions. However, if a student cannot attend a study day, then arrangements can be made to post the independent study work to them so that this can be attempted. This should be discussed with relevant Subject Leaders prior to the transition days.


Taster Day

Taster day for Year 11 students usually occurs in November of Year 11. It is the opportunity to sample a series of A level and vocational Level 3 lessons.  The day is designed to enable Year 11’s to experience a different style of work and participation in small groups of committed students, which is a feature of learning at Sixth Form level.

Students will be members of the Sixth Form for the day, and outside of lesson times are free to use and explore the Sixth Form facilities and communal areas, such as the kitchen, study room and common room with football and Pool tables.

Students who are interested in returning to John Masefield to join the Sixth Form should attend this day. Students are encouraged to sample a wide range of subjects, this is not in any way a commitment either to final choices of subjects or returning to the Sixth Form at JM6, but to provide a great example of the JM6 and experience and studying post-16.  Subjects are grouped specifically for Taster Day and will not be in these blocks in September.






Futures Interviews

During the summer term, Year 10 Students are invited to interview with the Sixth Form Team. This carries through to Year 11, with two further interviews and a comprehensive series of talks, designed to discuss next steps after GCSE, subject choices and the transition to Post-16 study.

The knowledgeable JM6 Team work in line with the school careers advisor to explore and support Year 11 students with their future education.