External exam information can be found here


Under normal circumstances no external AS examinations will be taken at the end of Y12; instead challenging internal prediction exams will occur in each subject over ten days in May (1 May – 11 May). This will give students an accurate assessment of the level they are working at and will be used by staff when predicting grades and writing university and apprenticeship references.  They are therefore referred to as ‘UCAS Prediction Exams’


Formal written, practical and oral exams will be taken in the summer and students will be given their timetables in the spring term.

For exam information, please check our website www.jmhs.hereford.sch.uk or contact the Examinations Officer.

NB:  For students studying BTECs or the Cambridge Technicals the coursework final deadlines are different to A-level courses.  Final drafts of all Y12 and Y13 coursework should be submitted by no later than Friday 15 June to allow staff time to mark and moderate. In Y12, it is a pre-requisite that a student must have completed all Y12 coursework by this deadline in order to be permitted to continue with the course in Y13.