As well as the support we offer all students on UCAS, with workshops on the application process and intensive support with personal statements, students whose GCSE results indicate they have potential and have expressed a desire to apply for Oxbridge, Russell group universities, medical, veterinary or law schools can expect us to provide:

· Access to local and national masterclasses and Summer schools

· Academic teaching from staff who have studied at these universities, who will also provide support for academic extension and enrichment.

· Opportunities to talk to students [ Year 13 and Alumni] who have been successful in their applications

· Seminars on interview skills and what to expect

· Advice on work experience and volunteering.

· Formal interview practice with the Headteacher and external interviewers

· The opportunity to take part in the HE+ programme – a programme of Masterclasses, funded by Cambridge University, for state sector sixth forms. Students get individual access to the Cambridge HE+ online portal where they can access resources and take part in online webinars as well as getting one to one support from Oxbridge students.

· Access to webinars on Oxbridge applications due to the link that JM6 has with Christ College Cambridge

· Tutoring for the STEP tests for Mathematics

· An enrichment programme to stimulate and develop our students’ understanding of world affairs, broadening their horizons and developing their confidence for the competitive application process.

· The opportunity to complete an Extended Project Qualification, recognised by Oxford, Cambridge and the most competitive universities, which offers students the opportunity to evidence their critical thinking, research skills and extended knowledge in their area of interest.