Who would you vote for Year12?

In place of the VI Form Enrichment session normally held on Wednesday afternoons, this week (June 12th), we thought it would be fun to run our own general election given that Year 12 will be too young to vote this time around.
Mr Card led the session and five volunteers agreed to speak on behalf of the major parties, outlining and defending their key pledges.
The speakers randomly chose a party to represent and were given 4-5 minutes each.

It was a great opportunity to develop good debating skills and particularly interesting given that some candidates were trying to convince people about something they did not necessarily agree with!


Year 12s voted anonymously and electronically to gain the figures instantly.

Great work from all of the candidates and we hope it will encourage you all to follow the build-up to the General Election.
Now get round the table with your family and get some more debating done!
Next time you can vote for real!
Published on 13th June 2024