Epraise; homework, merits and attendance

Your child now has the ability to see homework details and other key information about them using a
secure online system called Epraise.  Parents and carers can also use Epraise to see key information about
their child, including homework, attendance data and merit points awarded.


You can log in to Epraise on a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

1.  Go to Epraise.co.uk and click Login
2.  Search for, and choose John Masefield High School from the list – type the first few letters of the
school name.  (alternatively you can use the link https://www.epraise.co.uk/index.php?school=johnmasefieldhighsch&login=parents to go straight to the JMHS page, or use the link at the footer of the JMHS website)
3. Please make sure that you use the Parents tab
4.  In the Email box enter the email address that you have previously provided to the school.  If your
email address isn’t recognised please contact the school with your current email address so that we
can update our system records.  At this stage please do not enter any details in the Password box.
5.  Click the Login/Register button
6.  Check your email (including your junk mailbox).  You should have an email from Epraise with a secure
link to follow
7.  Click on the link and create your own password


It’s really easy to reset your password just follow the above steps from 1-5 and you’ll be sent a link to reset
your password.


You can edit your notification settings and reset your password under Me > Settings


Once you have initially logged in using the Epraise website you can then download and use the Epraise app
from App Store or Play Store.  Please note, the app provides less detail than the web version.



Under the My children tab you will see your children’s names listed.  To look at a child’s homework details
click on their name and then click on Classnotes (in the upper right of the screen).  By clicking on Show all
you can see homework that has been set, when it’s due, and download any attachment.  Another option is
to click on Planner under the My children tab; you can see homework set by due date, set date or both.


To view attendance data click on the My children tab and select your child.  Click on Attendance to see
your child’s attendance data since the start of the school year.  You can also see attendance data by
morning and afternoon session for the current term.  If you have any queries about the attendance
information for your child please contact Student Services at school.


To view achievement points for your child click on the My children tab and select your child.  Click on
Points to see your child’s achievement points since the start of the school year.