Message of Condolence

At John Masefield High School, we feel great sadness following the death of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday afternoon.
At this time our thoughts are with the Royal Family and those who were close to Queen Elizabeth.
All of us have great respect for Queen Elizabeth’s sense of duty and service.  She served our country for over 70 years, always trying to do the right thing for the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and the international community.  She did not seek popularity or to impose her views on others.  Queen Elizabeth continued to work until the final days of her life, appointing a new Prime Minister only a few days ago.  When many people retire at 65 or 70 years, Queen Elizabeth continued to work selflessly, serving our country until the age of 96, fulfilling the promise she made of a lifetime of duty seventy years ago.
I believe that Queen Elizabeth set an example to all of us to serve others and to be a humble and kind person. I would like to think that all of us will try to learn from her example in how we live our lives.
Mr Andrew Evans
Published on 9th September 2022