VI Form Trip to Paris 2024

Miss Lehmann, Head of Modern Foreign Languages took a small group of Year 12 and 13 French A level students to Paris just before Easter. The students all came back with lovely stories and huge enthusiasm both about the city itself and its magical Parisian atmosphere plus their time at the school where they each met with their French pen-pals – such a fantastic thing to be able do.

The weather was amazing which meant lots of great photo opportunities and plenty of time outside. Each student had their own stand-out moment including “sitting outside the Notre Dame with an ice-cream in one hand and a Pain au Chocolat in the other – I thought I’d died and gone to heaven” said Scarlett!  Sophie’s highlight was “seeing this incredible city from the Seine” and Raoul loved the people watching and improving his French accent, with his best moment on the Metro watching an “unusual character making music on a toy ‘mouth piano’ and singing loudly in…. Spanish”! Reactions from fellow passengers were great to watch especially when “the Metro police arrived to escort him away”.  Megan’s memorable moment was landing at the bottom of the stairs of their hostel on her knees “which left the whole group in stitches”. Fortunately, this didn’t end badly, just a little moment of embarrassment!

There were lots of comments about the fantastic food but it seems none of our students ate frogs-legs or escargot. Poor Erin on the other hand, not being able to share in the crepes because of nut oil, was given a plate of salad and chicken gizzards – one her stand-out moments “but not in a good way”!

Every student came back energised and with juste un peu plus de français. Thank you Mrs Lehmann for such a great trip!

We can spell Paris in French!

Stepping Stones Paris-style

A little bit of peaceful Paris

A Parisian Banksy?


Le soir en Paris!

High above the rooftops

Crepes were great… gizzards, not so much!
Published on 11th April 2024