Y11 Sixth Form Taster Day

On Friday 18th November, 115 of our Y11 students had a break from their usual GCSE diet and became Sixth Formers for the day, experiencing a range of A level lessons as part of our advice and guidance on selecting the right path for themselves, post-16. The students enjoyed being immersed in a wide range of A Level experiences; In Maths they investigated what differentiation is and why we need to use it. In English they explored the role of dreams in the Gothic genre in challenging cultural taboos, photographers created beautiful cyanotype prints. In Biology students undertook a range of experiments to hone their practical skills, including a kidney dissection and use of more technical microscopes to investigate cell division – while in German, they looked at popular culture and politics to explore new vocabulary and gain an insight into modern Germany.

Drama students interpreted an A level set text utilising from different styles including Brecht, and the Chemists conducted practical experiments and calculated the molar volume of the mass of gas produced in reactions. ICT students analysed the uses and impact of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) whilst Business students looked at what business in the future might look like, and the key drivers of change.

Overall, students really enjoyed the day and the insight it gave into life as a Sixth Form student at John Masefield. The day will be followed up with ‘Futures’ discussions with a member of the Sixth Form team over the next four weeks to discuss further their subject choices.



Published on 21st November 2022