Celebrating Success – 2023 GCSE Awards

It was lovely to see our students from Y12 receive their GCSE certificates and other merits for their efforts and achievements in Year 11. Those with special merits were given additional prize certificates and an extra little reward. We have included some photos. Parents please feel free to contact Mrs Hunt if you’d like to receive a picture of your child’s award photo.

The four pupils below, Lotte Kroese, Jordan Kibble, Teodora Fotache and Isobel Shipman received special merit awards for their fantastic contributions across the whole of their Year 11.

Well done all of you!

We had a special guest speaker, Mr Les Garside-Beattie who talked about his 30+ year career in the RAF and his time managing the Red Arrows. He spoke of his humble beginnings and being very unsure about his aspirations on leaving school (with fewer qualifications than hoped for, so less choices). That said, he pushed himself after school in the RAF, impressing his Commanding Officer to start a flying career and then never looked back.

It was also so nice to be able to spend time talking with parents over a coffee and pastry and lovely that many were able to come and support their children at this special event.
Thank you.

The JM6 Team

Published on 18th December 2023