Sixth Form Transition 2019

On Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd July, Y11 students who are returning to study in our Sixth Form had a further taste of the subjects they are contemplating studying. The day is another chance for students to consolidate their thinking about which subjects to continue and to further experience the challenges that each subject provides. The day had a real buzz with students immersing themselves in their subjects. The Chemists got stuck into a practical, extracting pure copper from malachite and then determining expected yield, while Drama students contrasted the work of Steven Burkoff and Antonin Artaud and then created short pieces in each of these performers’ styles. Psychology students analysed human behaviour from Biological and Cognitive perspectives while Further Maths students got to grips with complex numbers. In PE, discussions got heated over equal pay for sportswomen and men and in Accounting students were sorting their assets from their liabilities within double-entry book-keeping. Our Biologists honed their practical skills by examining the wonderful properties of water and deepening their understanding of osmosis in different contexts. Our German linguists had fun sorting figures from German popular culture from historically famous faces while in History students were discussing ‘Winston Churchill –Hero or Villain?’ Overall students had a varied and challenging introduction to life as a Sixth Form student and were enthused about the prospect of studying for their A levels from September.

Published on 2nd July 2019