The Ledders Charity Run – 8th May

We are so thrilled that as our Year 13s build up momentum towards their A levels starting on May 10th, they have been so bold and generous as to stop and think of relatives, friends and other sufferers of Alzheimer’s Disease/dementia¬† just days before they start! It is a devastating disease both for those who suffer with it and their relatives who struggle to witness the sad effects it has on their loved ones.

Organised and thought up by Lucas Recordon, JM6’s Sports Captain, thirty-eight of our sixth formers will be running from Malvern across its beautiful hills, through fields, tracks and finally pavements back to John Masefield High School on the afternoon of May the 8th.

Please show your support by giving what you can to Alzheimer’s Society via this Just Giving page

We hope to see the majority of the runners arriving back between 3 and 3:30pm where the other sixth formers will be waiting alongside the JM6 staff on the lower car park, to cheer them in as they arrive! That’s busy school-bus time, so students will know to be careful as they come in through the top car park.

Thank you in advance. We are so proud of them, as I am sure you will be too.

Published on 29th April 2024