Updated guidance on the wearing of face coverings 28 November 2021

Updated guidance on the wearing of face coverings

In light of the announcement of the Prime Minister over the weekend the Department for Education have issued updated requirements for students in Years 7 and above.

With effect from Tuesday 30th November until further notice, all students, staff and visitors will be required to wear a face covering in a communal area. This will mean that all indoor learning spaces and corridors will require students, staff and visitors to wear a face covering. In the dining room and community lounge students who are sat down will not be required to wear a face covering.

If your son or daughter has an exemption from wearing a face covering, please email SSA@jmhs.hereford.sch.uk including your son/daughters name, form and reason for requested exemption.

The requirement for students to wear face coverings on school transport remains in place.

We have a supply of face coverings so will be able to give your son/daughter a face covering if they forget.

At this point we will continue the other COVID measures such as maximising ventilation, regular sanitising of hands and twice weekly home testing, but will not be introducing additional measures other than implementing the new rules on face coverings. As the weather is getting colder, students may wish to consider wearing extra base-layers of clothing.

As always, your support makes a huge difference in ensuring that all members of the school community are kept safe.

Published on 28th November 2021