2018 PHSE Competition: One New Law

John Masefield students were challenged at the start of this year to put their thinking caps on for an inspiring PHSE competition.

Students were asked “if they could create one new law to make the UK a better place to live, what would it be?”

We received over a 100 entries with a large variety of thought provoking ideas for new UK rules.

Here are the 6 winning entries. These along with the 17 high commended entries are now on display in the school.


I think, due to the amount of global warming and climate change, that as of 2020, all electricity and power generated in the UK should come from renewable energy sources. For example, I think instead of power stations, which should be banned, we should rely on wind, solar and water power instead.

This change will benefit everyone as with lots of global warming issues – caused partially by power stations emitting greenhouse gases to generate electricity – climate change could affect everyone living on planet earth. Cars and transport are the main culprits of pollution and global warming, but while scientists look into ways for more eco-friendly transport, we can, in Britain, abolish the remaining power stations in our country. Power stations are bad because they burn fossil fuels. These not only cause climate change but generate energy that is not from a renewable source – coal and oil- that have formed beneath the ground over millions of years.

Hannah Chapman B8a


Our law is that you can only smoke in designated areas.

We think this law would benefit the country. One way in which it will have a positive impact on the country is for environmental reasons. If there are specific areas where people can smoke, then there will be a smaller footprint of cigarette smoke; therefore leading to less people breathing in the toxic air. This would mean that there would be less people going to A & E because of cigarette related incidents, both direct and indirect. Consequently, there would be less pressure and stress put on the NHS to deal with these cases. Subsequently, there would be more money freed up to work on other areas of the heath system.

Ellie Bates and Amelia Goodman  J8a


Dear Prime minister,

I am writing to you today because I feel that every heavily used road in the UK must have a bike lane on both sides of the road because people will use bikes more to get around. This will not just help us but help the animals too; it will help the animals because it will reduce the amount of ice melting in the Antarctic which is destroying polar bears and penguin homes rapidly.

This will also help us because it will lower the rate of illnesses from the car fumes in highly populated areas such as London.

It will also make people feel a lot safer in using a bike to get around because they won’t have to worry about a car coming alongside them.

I hope that this will help the safety of others who do use bicycles.

Fin Miles J9a


We think our law to raise the minimum wage for over 16’s will give them a better life. It will help them get ready to leave home and look after themselves. We think this law is good because it would help people in debt and would give them a happy life for their family without the threat of hunger and thirst. Also parents can’t keep buying those essentials like clothing and other important things that they wouldn’t even be able to buy them themselves without a bit of money.

This would benefit people over 16 and adults with children because they could afford education to make sure their children have a great future ahead as well. They could have enough money for transport and holidays when needed. One important reason is the college or university fee. Parents don’t normally pay for them so they would need a small job that gives them enough money to be able to go to the end of their education and have a good proper job.

In conclusion, it would help introduce age 16 and over to a whole new life as an adult with a family all over the world.

Harry Unthank and Ben Lewis M8a


I think the United Kingdom should not spend more money on services or other expenses than what it gets from its taxpayers, exports, etc. In other words, the UK should have a neutral budget.

This would make sure that our country does not get into any more future debt, and could help our country get out of debt, allowing us to spend more on public services, as opposed to giving it to other countries that we owe money to. This would be a large change, but in order to stabilise the economy, keep the stocks from crashing and maintain the value of the GBP, it could be implemented gradually – for instance, no spending over 200% of the budget, then 150%, then 125%, etc.

Alex Allcock J9a



Our new law is that if someone wastes valuable firefighters or ambulance time you should be fined as that is what happens if you waste police time.

This would benefit the country because the money that the fines raise could be put into the NHS or the Fire Service and stop people wasting time for these services as they have lives to save. This would benefit the entire country because if you are in need of an ambulance or there is a fire the response time would be quicker, saving lives.

Morgan Selby and Lauley Exton M9a


Congratulations to all the entrants.

Published on 7th March 2018