Amazing Addams Family School Performance!

Congratulations to the staff and pupils involved in our latest school production of The Addams Family on their wonderfully entertaining and excellent performances.
The performances were striking, engaging and hugely entertaining.  The band played the difficult spooky music with skill and confidence.  The atmosphere created by the lighting, sound and special effects created moments of tension, excitement and comedy.  The scenery and sets added comic detail and every aspect of the back stage team’s work was excellent, meaning the show moved on rapidly and seamlessly.
The costumes and make up for all of the cast and especially the ensemble were superb and the  students in the ensemble played a huge part in making the production so wonderfully entertaining.
The cast were word perfect, never missing or late with a line and were always clearly audible.  The song and dance routines were catchy and hugely entertaining and the quality of singing, dancing and acting was pretty impressive.
It was wonderful to have so many of the principal parts played by younger students and all the principal characters were played with skill, the audience rapidly seeing the entertaining quirks of every character.  The chemistry between characters worked particularly well, illustrating the wonderful teamwork involved.  The production and comic timing were huge strengths with so many surprising and genuinely funny moments
Thanks and congratulations to all involved      
Published on 9th March 2020