Another good year for GCSEs at JMHS, August 2019

JMHS students achieve well at GCSE

John Masefield High School students in Year 11 were celebrating strong results in their GCSE examinations this morning.  Many students who had worked extremely hard deservedly achieved good results.

Individual highlights included:

Ella Lipscombe: Nine Grade 9s and one Grade 8
Daniel James: Five Grade 9s and three Grade 8s
Joseph Fisher: Four Grade 9s and one Grade 8
Caitlin Jenkins: Four Grade 9s and one Grade 8
Lucy French: Three Grades 9s and five Grade 8s
Rosie Crowson-Jeffrey: Three grade 9s and four Grade 8s
India Hewitt: Three Grade 9s and four Grade 8s

This is an outstanding achievement for all of these individuals with Ella Lipscombe who achieved 9 grade 9s being absolutely exceptional.  Many other students worked very hard and achieved the strong grades they deserved.

66% of Year 11 students at John Masefield High School achieved at least 5 good grades including both English and Maths, a similar proportion to last year.

There were particularly strong results in Chemistry and German in each of which over 40% of entries resulted in grade 7 or higher.

For the fifth consecutive year JMHS did particularly well with the Ebacc measure,  38% of the cohort achieved good grades in all of the E-bacc subjects, well above the national average of around 20%.

Published on 4th September 2019