Anti-Bullying Week and Children in Need!

It is a really important week next week with both Anti-Bullying Week and Children in Need. To raise the profile and show support for all young people affected, we are arranging the following;

Monday 12th November – Odd Socks Day

To start anti-bullying week and raise awareness and celebrate that we are all different, students are encouraged to wear odd / colourful socks (Monday only!). The rest of school uniform should be worn correctly.

Monday – Thursday: Assemblies

House Assemblies this week reflect on Anti-Bullying Week.

Friday 16th November – Children in Need

Students are invited to wear appropriate, comfortable non-school uniform. Please refrain from any fancy dress or hair/face colours etc and ensure sensible shoes are worn. Please contribute £1 or more if you can. All proceeds will go to Children in Need this year.


Published on 8th November 2018