Chess Club Holds Popular Tournament!

Building on the wildly popular success of the chess club in the autumn term, a chess tournament was launched in January to find the top chess players in the school. With over thirty entrants and speculation rife about who would be crowned the school chess champion the stage was set for a momentous battle. Hopeful athletes were pitted against each other in a brutal, knock-out competition spanning over 6 weeks. The most surprising thing about the chess tournament was that it turned into the most popular spectator sport of the winter term drawing large crowds for the most intense battles between the big name stars. After a gruelling competition three finalists were left. Only a win over both other challengers would suffice for the undisputed title of school chess champion and so at the time of writing there is still no clear cut winner. Congratulations though to Bear Katton, Alex Clark and Eizens Jegors for reaching the final and a massive well done to all those that gave up lunchtimes to compete and support the tournament.

The Tournament Gets Underway!
A particularly tense encounter draws a crowd
Published on 20th March 2018