Continued Success with GCSE Results at JMHS, August 2018

John Masefield High School students in Year 11 were celebrating strong results in their GCSE examinations this morning.  This year the new GCSE grading system from grade 1 to 9 was used across nearly all subjects.  Grade 8 is equivalent to A*, which used to be the top grade and grade 9 the new highest grade is only awarded  to the top 3% of students nationally.  We were delighted that at JMHS, no less than ten students listed below achieved at least 4 grade 9s.   

Lizzie Austen 

Kim Baird 

Ella Barber 

Jack Bloomer 

Grace Bolton 

William Flaherty 

Toby Raison 

Isobel Schofield 

Christopher Warmington 

Thomas Williams 

This is an outstanding achievement for all of these individuals with Jack Bloomer (six grade 9s), Toby Raison (six grade 9s), Thomas Williams (7 grade 9s) and William Flaherty with 9 grade 9s being absolutely exceptional.  Many other students worked very hard and achieved the strong grades they deserved. 

63% of Year 11 students at John Masefield High School achieved at least 5 good grades including both English and MathsAcross the school, 70of examination entries resulted in the equivalent of grade 4 (C) or higher compared to a national average of around 66%. 

Across JMHS a quarter of exam entries resulted in the equivalent of grade 7 or higher (grade A in the old system) and 14% were at grade 8 or 9 which is almost double the national levelThere were particularly strong results in French, biology, chemistry and physics in each of which over 40% of entries resulted in grade 7 or higher.  In history 13 students (almost 20% of entries) achieved the top grade 9 compared to 3% nationally, a wonderful achievement. 

 For the fourth consecutive year JMHS did particularly well with Ebacc measure.  34% of students well above the national average of around 20%, achieved the English Baccalaureate. 

Andy Evans, Headteacher commented ‘ the new GCSE system represents a tough test and we have been pleased with how students and staff have responded with many high grades and many students achieving above their expectation.  We believe that students hard work in their first five years at JMHS puts them in an excellent position for their sixth form studies and beyond’ 

The school are delighted with the number of students choosing to continue with their studies at JMHS and enrolling into the Sixth Form. It is still not too late to apply for a place at JMHS Sixth Form from this September. Enquiries should be emailed to Mark Hawksworth, Head of Sixth Form,

Published on 23rd August 2018