Continued Success with GCSE Results at JMHS


Accompanying outstanding A Level results last week, John Masefield High School students in Year 11 were celebrating strong results in their GCSE examinations. 70% of JMHS Year 11 students at John Masefield High School achieved 5 or more A*-C grades in the 2016 GCSE results. 65% of students achieved at least 5 or more A*-C grades including English and Maths.

Once again there was a strong showing of 31% in the English Baccalaureate measure which highlights the strength throughout the curriculum at John Masefield. Of the students for whom the school received the Pupil Premium grant, 48% attained 5 A*-C including English and Maths. As a comprehensive and inclusive school this is a very positive result.

Student performance in core subjects was again very strong with 77% of all students achieving at least a C in English with 73% achieving a C grade or higher in Maths.

Results across Faculties were strong with many achieving an excellent proportion of A* – C grades. There were impressive numbers of students receiving the highest grades with 50% in Music, 47% in German, 34% in Biology, 34% in Chemistry, 32% in Physics and 30% in Catering achieving A* or A grades.

There were many outstanding individual performances, with highlights including:

Jamie Hiley: 11 A* grades

Elen Clarke: 9 A*, 3 A grades

Emily Henry: 9 A*, 2 A grades

Ollie Reynolds: 7 A* grades

George Welford: 5 A*, 6 A grades

William Hayden: 5 A*, 4 A grades

Emily Hodkin: 3 A*, 7 A grades

Rosy Turner: 3 A*, 7 A grades

Oscar Van-Vuren: 3 A*, 7 A grades

Eleanor Crowson-Jeffery: 3 A*, 3 A grades

Anna Sparrey: 3 A*, 3 A grades

Emily Cleall: 2 A*, 9 A grades

Charlie Hayes: 2 A*, 8 A grades

Tom Bullock: 2 A*, 7 A grades

Molly McCabe: 2 A*, 7 A grades

Benji Ricketts: 2 A*, 7 A grades

Louise Griffiths: 1 A*, 8 A grades

Andy Evans, Headteacher commented “I am proud of the results of every student in Year 11. I am delighted that so many students have obtained the grades required to pursue their ambitions. I would like to pay special tribute to the hard work of all the staff at John Masefield, the wonderful support we receive from parents and our local community but most importantly to the students themselves who have worked so hard to achieve their success. With our best ever A Level results, highest ever attendance figures and once again over subscribed in Year 7 the GCSE results round off another excellent year for the school.”

Published on 12th September 2016