Fundraising by shopping

Just a quick reminder JMHS is still featured in the Tesco Ledbury #BagsofHelp Scheme. Ask for tokens every time you shop and vote for JMHS – the scheme continues until the 31st October. Please remind family and friends also. We seem to be doing really well so far and if we keep up momentum and get the highest number of votes, the school will receive the top award of £4,000. We are very grateful to Tesco for allowing us to participate in this scheme.

More good news for JMHS funding – FJMHS have also just received the excellent news that Waitrose Great Malvern have very kindly added us to their Community Matters  scheme for the month of October. It’s a similar voting scheme to the Tesco #BagsofHelp Scheme, except with green tokens instead of blue! JMHS will be awarded a share of £1,000, along with 2 other nominated causes, proportional to the number of token dropped in our Community Matters box. If you are shopping in Waitrose make sure to get your green tokens and vote. Don’t forget to ask friends and family in Malvern to do the same. The money raised will be used to buy new equipment for our newly refurbished Food Technology room. A huge thank you to Waitrose for their support.

Vicky Baker

Chair of Friends of JMHS

Published on 28th September 2017