Greenaway Shadowing Primary Event

Some of our Y10 Prefects ran a Greenaway Shadowing Session today in the Library for visiting Y4 students from LPS.

Class 4EW came along to read, share and evaluate the 8 books nominated this year for this prestigious book award.

The Kate Greenaway Medal was first awarded in 1955 for distinguished illustration in a book for children.  This years shortlist includes beautiful story books as well as a non fiction book.

The Y4 students worked with the Y10’s to create presentationson why their book should be the winner. We had 3D books, drawings, poems and masks during the morning.  We then presented to the group at the end and voted on our winner.

It was great fun and a truly rewarding experience for everyone.

Thank you to the Y10’s for running the event and to the wonderful teachers and students in 4EW who came along. It was an inspiring morning and we are now very much looking forward to welcoming 4JB next week for their session.

Jess Locke

Published on 15th May 2019