Herefordshire Performing Arts Festival Success

Elgar & CHoir 2

Last week our students took part in the annual Herefordshire Performing Arts Festival. This year they entered more categories than ever in Woodwind, Brass, String and Vocal competitions. Students wowed the judges, being placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in 28 classes (out of 37 entered). The School Woodwind ensemble, Sax Choir, Brass Band, Jazz Band and Chamber Choir won their classes, with trophies awarded to the latter three. The Jazz Band and Chamber Choir were invited to perform at the Gala concert, celebrating the best performances of the festival, being the only secondary school ensembles invited to perform. The students performed extremely well, and that night the school was awarded the Secondary Choir of the Year Cup for the second year in a row and the prestigious Elgar in Hereford young Musicians’ of the Year Trophy for the third time in four years. This is a fantastic success for the school, showing the range and quality of music that is put on weekly, and the commitment and passion of the students. A full list of results is below:



All Musicians – Elgar in Hereford Young Musicians of the Year Award

Chamber Choir – Secondary School Choir of the Year

Sax Choir – 1st in Intermediate Wind Ensemble

Jazz Band – 1st in Wind Band

Chamber Choir – 1st in Secondary School Choirs


Other highlights

Brass band – 1st in Brass Band

Woodwind Ensemble – 1st in transitional woodwind ensemble

Full JMHS Choir – 2nd in Secondary School Choirs

Tom Hill & Harry Unthank – 1st in Elementary Woodwind duet

Lucy French & Rosie Crowson-Jeffery – 1st in Transitional Woodwind Duet

Tom Hill – 1st in Jazz Woodwind Grades 1-3

Georgia Wilson – 1st in Woodwind Grade 5

Elly Merryman – 1st in Woodwind Grade 6

Elen Clarke – 1st in over grade 8 Woodwind

Elen Clarke, Emma Warren, Libby Warren and Lauren Hill – 1st in Vocal Quartet

Elen Clarke & George Chambers – 1st in Mixed Duet

Lucy French – 2nd in Grade 4 Woodwind

Abi Tinson & Ellie Bates – 2nd in Elementary Woodwind Duet

Matt Crowley – 2nd in Jazz Grade 4-5 Woodwind

Amy Hill and Alana Henderson – Joint 2nd in Grade 8 Woodwind

Woodwind Trio/Flute trio – 2nd/3rd in Advanced woodwind chamber group

Willow Burton – 2nd in age 9-11 category Singing

Elen Clarke & Emma Warren – 2nd in vocal duets

Hazel Dudley – 2nd in Strings Grade 4

JMHS Strings Ensemble – 2nd (by 1 mark!) in String Ensembles

Libby Warren and Maia Carter – Joint 3rd out of a class of 28 soloists in age 12-16 Singing

Millie Clayton – 3rd in Piano Grade 3

Megan McRae – 3rd in Piano Grade 6

Emma Warren – 3rd in Piano Grade 7

Lauren Hill – 3rd in Piano Recital (Grade 8+)

Chamber Choir


Published on 8th April 2017