JMHS Crucial Creators

Over the last 6 weeks a group of our Y7 and Y8 students have been working closely with local artist and poet Toni Cook to create some amazing poems and tongue twisters. We also spent two weeks working with audio visual artist Andy Garbi to make a film of themselves reading these poems.

This project was part of a project titled ‘Heavy is the head that Wears the Crown’ funded by the Arts Councils Jubilee fund. Yesterday the students performed alongside Hereford’s Cracked Slipper Company and Close House Project at the Poetry House to a full house! The students performed their poems beautifully and really enjoyed the experience as the other groups shared their take on the theme.

The student’s work is currently being exhibited in the Poetry House and along with the film of their poetry there are also calligraphy extracts and copies of their tongue twisters to view. Copies of their tongue twisters have also been donated to the school to be displayed around the site.

Huge thanks to Toni, Andy and the Ledbury Poetry Festival for this wonderful opportunity.

Published on 15th July 2022