JMHS Show Strength at District Cross Country Running



It was the first time in many years where JMHS have put out a Cross Country Team at the District Trials on Malvern Common. Students were very keen to sign up and have been attending practices since September. On Friday 2nd December we took 42 students, both boys and girls, from Years 7-10 to compete against Malvern College, The Downs, The Chase, Dyson Perrins and Malvern St James. Arriving a little daunted by the undulating landscape, our JMHS students felt optimistic about their possible achievements ahead.

cross-country-archie-horton-y7Following the course walk the students faced a staggered start beginning with the Year 7 Girls, then progressing through the age groups, each age group had between 35-50 runners. A gruelling run by Immy Parsons B7B, who lead the front for a while, could not quite hold up over the 2km track, which meant Hattie Cox J7A over took to take 2nd in Year 7 Girls, Immy Parsons 6th and Josie Thomas H7B 11th. Such a fantastic start to the day left JMHS boys inspired to follow suit. The Year 7 boys were up next where Archie Horton H7B, led the race until the final 400m, to finish 4th, closely followed by Adam Dudley B7B in 5th and Reuben Taylor-George B7B in 7th. The Junior Girls race including our Year 8 students was fiercely contested resulting in Rosie Loraine J8A finishing well at 18th. Tom Smith H8A lead the JMHS team in the Year 8 & 9 Boys race, over 3200m, finishing an impressive 11th against boys in the year above. The final race JMHS entered was the Inter Boys Year 10 & 11 race over 4500m, in tough conditions and across a slippery course, Nathan Chowns Higgs B10A finished an incredible 2nd place! An incredible achievement by all and as always students were supportive, encouraging and respectful of others. A proud day for all involved and another pocket of sporting talent has been unlocked. Results are now in and out of 7 schools JMHS came: 2nd in Y7 Girls, 2nd in Y7 Boys, 2nd in Y10 & 11 Boys, 4th Y8 & Y9 Boys and 6th in Y8 & Y9 Girls!

Tom Smith H8A and Nathan Chowns Higgs B10A have now qualified to represent JMHS in the Malvern District Team in the County Champs. We wish them both the best of luck!

Chloe Limbrick


Published on 7th December 2016