Murder on the English Corridor

A terrifying scene of a chalk body outline, blue police tape, and evidence of the murder of their Deputy Head teacher. The Year 9 Detective unit started in early January with a murder case that needed to be solved.

Launching their new Detective Genre, the English department staff, including their lovely Librarian and the much-mourned Mr Boddy (otherwise known as the much-alive Mr Collard) began lessons with the speculative questioning of which of the seven suspects had motive, means and opportunity to murder. It was up to the year 9 students to use their inference skills to predict who was responsible for the murder.

The Big Reveal took place on the 12th January, where everyone, including the staff themselves discovered that Madame Rose was the mastermind murderer.







Pictured (from left) Emma Baker as Miss Peach, Felicity Sanford as Madam Rose, Jenny Davies as Mrs White, Drew Elliot as Reverend Green, Jess Locke as Lady Lavender and Hayley Newnes as Miss Scarlett

Photo Courtesy of The Ledbury Reporter



Published on 16th January 2018