Normandy 2019

In the early hours of Wednesday 22nd May, 55 Y8 students got on the coach to Portsmouth to a ferry which took them to Caen, Normandy. Whilst in Normandy, students enjoyed various activities such as archery, aero ball, orienteering, canoeing, raft building and going to a mini farm. They also went on an excursion in St Malo, bought their lunches at Dinan market and sampled salted caramel sweets at the caramel farm made with local milk. The staff at the chateau only spoke to them in French, from asking for food and drinks at the canteen to giving instructions. The students raised to the challenge and improved their French and confidence in the language at the same time. The students also enjoyed eating a continental breakfast and a 3 course meal in the evenings including snail tasting as a treat! The evenings were packed with activities such as a treasure hunt, recreational sports games and a French night where most students dressed up as French people! Hopefully, the Year 8 students will look back fondly on the trip and maybe they will come back to beautiful Normandy one day!

Miss Trezeux

Published on 17th July 2019