School remembers Macca Davies

It is with immeasurable sadness that we recently learned about the tragic passing of former student Macca Davies.

Macca was a student who made a huge impression on staff and students with his infectious smile and constantly positive outlook. He loved to share a joke and was always so much fun to be around. All those who taught him remember his enormous sense of fun and bringing the best out of other people, whether it be playing football where he represented the school on many occasions, or around the school community. In 2015 it was Macca who took responsibility for putting together a relay team at short notice for his House and it was Macca who inspired that team to an unlikely victory which is a fitting testament to the fact that he enjoyed nothing more than sharing his enthusiasm with others.

He was proud to be a member of Jubilee House and constantly kept his form tutor and form mates entertained with his never ending ’Maccarisms’ which involved adopting pet rocks, singing the Narwhal song repeatedly and becoming the forms self-designated plant keeper!  He was the life and soul of the form and despite his cheeky nature he had a heart of gold and would do anything to help any member of the form or his tutor.  On one occasion his GCSE English class wrote to the poet Michael Rosen about his poem ‘Chocolate Cake’, which Macca adored, and he replied with a good luck message for the class. It was Macca who brought laughter to all as he recited the poem whilst devouring a large slice of the chocolate cake that had been brought in for the class to share. It is exactly this sense of laughter and fun that will be what staff and students so fondly remember.

Whilst Macca always enjoyed making people laugh he was also thoughtful, caring and considerate. He displayed warmth to students and staff and was always alert to the needs of others. He would always want to know how others were and how he could help, going out of his way to assist if someone was having a difficult day.  To this end he really was a true gentleman.


The thoughts of the school community are with his family at this difficult time.


Published on 12th March 2018