Students Accepted into Global STEM Academy

junior-academy-2016-141216This year, two students, Lizzie Austen and Ella Barber, were both accepted into The Junior Academy of the New York Academy of Sciences. This Global STEM Academy is “dedicated to designing innovative solutions to global challenges … students develop advanced research, innovation, and collaboration skills with best-in-class learning resources and leverage these skills to compete in challenges sponsored by industry-leading companies.” Lizzie and Ella are participating in challenges focusing on Biodiversity and Energy Resources. More specifically, tracking a species of starfish that is harmful to the Great Barrier Reef and turning Carbon Dioxide into Ethanol so it can be re-used. Within their separate groups they are working with students from all around the globe and have to learn to time manage carefully in order to organise working meetings online when all are available.

Mr Price who helped organise the opportunity and assisted in the girls’ applications is very proud of their involvement. He believes the skills they are developing and the networks they are making will help them greatly for both Higher Education and their future careers.

Published on 14th December 2016