Weather alert for possible snow

With snow forecast we will be keeping a careful look on the weather overnight and the weather forecast.

The government has stressed the importance of schools remaining open wherever possible, not only because of the impact on children’s education but also because closures have a knock on effect on parents/carers who are working themselves.  The decision to close the school rests with me as Headteacher, and I make this decision on the basis of weather forecasts and on-the-spot observations following an appropriate assessment of the risks.

As is usual in these circumstances we will not be able to make a decision on whether the school will need to close until early on Friday morning.

If we do need to close the school then a message will be posted on our website by 7.30am tomorrow and we also hope to send messages out via ParentPay.

If the school is able to open but it is unsafe for your child to travel to school, please let us know in the usual way by leaving a message on the school absence line before 9.30am (ring the main school number 01531 631012 and follow the instructions).  Alternatively email us on .


Published on 31st January 2019