Worcester University Visit

On Friday 15 November, Y13 A Level PE students and some Y11 GCSE PE students went on a fantastic trip to the University of Worcester. Students conducted fitness tests which included a batak wall to measure reaction time, measuring peak power output on a watt bike and grip strength. Students then went on to experience wheelchair basketball learning the rules and techniques involved. We were also treated to a tour of the campus and an excellent talk from a student giving her perspective on uni life. JMHS students returned to school tired from the fitness tests, in awe of the wheelchair basketball experience and given plenty of food for thought about studying at university.  My thanks to Miss Dix who accompanied the trip, the students that went for being amazing and to the staff and students at the University of Worcester for making us so welcome and setting up a great experience for our students.
Jordan Kontarines – PE
Published on 19th November 2019