Y11 Sausage Making!

As a final practical before their Food exam, Y11 food students had the opportunity to make their very own high quality sausages.  The lesson highlighted the importance of strict hygiene, accurate measurement and of course the chance to use all natural hog casings (pig’s intestines!) to fill with a range of flavoured minced pork.  Students worked in groups mixing pork mince with rusk, water and seasonings (spring onion and ginger, Lincolnshire, apple and hot and spicy) before making a small tester burger to check the seasoning.  They then loaded the machine with the filling, threaded on the hog casings and filled them to create a single sausage about 2 metres in length!  They then had a go at twisting and looping the sausages to create a genuine string of delicious homemade sausages!

Published on 15th May 2018