Enrichment Programme

At John Masefield High School we believe enrichment provides a more rounded learning experience beyond the curriculum and allows opportunities to further spark students’ interest, discover their talents and develop a love of learning for life. We believe that enrichment can extend a range of educational experiences for our students, broadening horizons, helping them discover hidden talents, try new things and obtain valuable life skills, such as resilience and team work, to name a few.

The enrichment programme for the first half term of the Autumn 2020 Term is set out below.

Day Year Activity Location End time Compulsory Equipment Staff
Monday 7 Choir Theatre Lunchtime None PD
  8 Football Field 4.30pm Boots & Shin Pads JK & MAD
8 Hockey Astro 4.30pm Shin Pads MLD
  8 ICT Club Room 42 4.15pm None JI
  11 Maths Club Room 103 4.30pm None LL
Tuesday 7 Football Field 4.30pm Boots & Shin Pads JK & MAD
7 Hockey Astro 4.30pm Shin Pads MLD
Wednesday 8 Music Music room Lunchtime None PD
  9 Football Field 4.30pm Boots & Shin Pads JK & MAD
9 Hockey Astro 4.30pm Shin Pads MLD
  11 Geography revision Room 9 4.20pm None MDC
  11 Drama Development Studio Lunchtime None JK/KP
  11 Drama Development Studio 4.30pm None JK/KP
  11 ICT Coursework Club Room 7 4.15pm None JI
  11 Further Maths GCSE Club Room 103 103 None LL
Thursday 8 Drama Club   Lunchtime None JK/KP
  10 & 11 Football Field 4.30pm Boots & Shin Pads DLW & JK
10 & 11 Hockey Astro 4.30pm Shin Pads MLD & CL
  11 Prefects Music Music room Thursday lunchtime None PD

If your young person would like to take part in any of the activities above, then please ask your child to meet at their enrichment points in the Bus Park, where they will be collected by a staff member. The enrichment points are at the back of the bus park.

Homework club is also on Monday – Thursday every week for each year group. If your young person would like to join then please contact your child’s Year Leader who will book them in. Please find the information below:

Day Year Activity Location End time Staff
Monday – Thursday 7 Homework Club LIBRARY Languages side 4.15pm NDC/AH
Monday – Thursday 8 Homework Club LIBRARY Student Services side 4.15pm NDC/AH
Monday – Thursday 9 Homework Club Room 38 4.15pm LDF/LWW
Monday – Thursday 10 Homework Club Room 39 4.15pm LDF/LWW
Monday – Thursday 11 Homework Club Room 7 4.15pm JK

There will be a variety of different activities throughout the year as part of the enrichment programme and students will be informed of these new and exciting opportunities in their tutor time and these will also be presented on their Enrichment Notice Board, which are in their designated bubble.

Furthermore, our house system will be relaunching in the second half of the Autumn 2020 term and students will be participating in challenges and competitions throughout the year, with the hope that their house will win the House Cup.

Extra Curricular


DofE Bronze is run in Year 9 and open to all students to apply to participate. Information regarding the award goes out to students just after the Christmas holidays to enrol and begin the award by February half term.  Students are then registered as part of DofE and they will attend one DofE session a week run at lunchtimes. During the DofE sessions expedition skills are learned in preparation for the practise and qualifying expeditions. The other service sections (volunteering, physical and skill) are completed in students own time with school support where necessary. Practise expedition will take place at the end of the summer term in Year 9 and the qualifying expedition will be completed in the winter term of Year 10, once all other sections are complete.

There is also an opportunity to complete the Silver award in the Sixth Form.

Any further information about the awards and their requirements can be found at www.dofe.org

National Citizen Service

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a government-funded initiative for 16-17 year olds that brings together schools, community organisations, businesses and individuals with the aim of helping to build a stronger and more cohesive society.

In Year 11, students have the opportunity to take part in a programme of activities during their summer holiday.  You can read about NCS and the summer programme here: