Ledder Run is a HUGE Success!

Many of you will know that on the afternoon of May the 8th (see previous post), with just a few days to go before A levels start, Year 13s took time out of their revision sessions and timetabled lessons to stop and think of relatives, friends and others they knew who were or are sufferers of Alzheimer’s Disease/dementia. Year 12 joined them as a show of JM6 cohesion and three groups were set up to run at 10 minute intervals. Students encouraged each other as they ran and of course enjoyed jokes and banter to push them on when things got a bit tough in the heat.

Buses provided by Community Action Ledbury

Before the Race

Keen to get started!
Huge Enthusiam to Reach the Finish Line

This was a personal challenge for each of our students and pretty meaningful for those with a personal connection to dementia. The donations were generous and comments from family and friends who helped us raise nearly £1800 were personal and really encouraging. THANK YOU!

Our 41 runners set out on a 14.5km run not only to raise funds but to achieve something most of them had never done. They were dropped off at Malvern’s Rosebank Gardens by minibus (which Community Action Ledbury generously provided free of charge) and ran back to school, with the first runners (who set off at 13:05) appearing at around14:40pm!

Two by two!

We did it!

First across the finish line!
An incredible demonstration of teamwork and collaboration.

Every single one of the runners (and 5 who walked the course), came across the finish line – and on the hottest day of the year so far! We have raised £1750 for Alzheimer’s Society! Please feel to add to this. The page will be open for another few weeks as we hope it will be reported by the Ledbury Reporter soon.

UPDATE 17th May 2024 – We made it into the Ledbury Reporter & Malvern Gazette

Lucas Recordon who organised the event said “this was such a great way for us Year 13s to end our sixth form life at John Masefield High School; I had no idea that so many would join us. My grandma had Alzheimer’s and so many of those who have sponsored us have had personal experience of this devastating illness. Amazingly a member of the public handed £5 to us as we ran! My friends and peers ran the hills, woods and fields back to school and I am so chuffed with them all for making this such a great event!”

Proud of you!

A Sunshiny Day

Let’s stick together!
Thank you to our Supporters

Thank you to all who supported this, including Lucas’s family who provided a pit stop and marked the more difficult sections of the route with arrows and to Sixth Form staff who were on hand with water, snacks and a super-busy camera. We are so proud of our Sixth Form!


We will be sharing an album with all who took part which they will no doubt share with family. We would be grateful if individual photos could be downloaded and not shared widely to ensure appropriate data protection. Thank you.

Published on 9th May 2024