The school uses Office365 for email and other online services including Microsoft Teams. A brief guide to the Office365 (O365) system is available here: O365 Guide and access to Office365 is via

For remote lessons using Teams, please read this  Microsoft Teams – student guide

Remote Access

The school also uses Citrix Remote Access but this was not designed to support a very high number of users, such as when lots of students are working remotely, and some people get a spinning wheel when trying to logon in this situation.  Students are reminded that they can access their email and web version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc as well as Teams by going directly to the Office 365 logon page at or downloading the app to your device.  Similarly you can go direct to epraise at

Ideally you should upload any files you need to your OneDrive Account (see guide here) and log out of Remote Access to allow others to login, and please do not stay logged in longer than necessary.

If you still need to access the school IT systems from home using Remote access, guidance and help installing the Citrix Receiver can be downloaded here: How to access the school network from home 2020

JMHS Student Guide to Home Learning 2020_21