Paris 2016

Paris has shown us a great time and teased us in no short measure. The weather has been wonderful, with sunny days and even when a storm was forecast to come in today it only rained lightly for a short time. However, the traffic has been treacherous, with a Techno-Parade closing roads by the river on Saturday and causing Paris to grind to a halt. We abandoned bus and walked through the Tuileries gardens to the Louvre instead of our planned visit to Le Marais. Sunday was a car-free day in the center of Paris, requiring extensive detours and re-planning of plans to get to our destinations. However, the sight of the Champs Elysées filled with pedestrians and not a car in sight was very memorable and we got everywhere we wanted to get to.

WiFi in the Hostel is poor, so photos will be posted next week when we get back, but all have had a great time so far, making friends at the hostel and making the most of Paris when out and about. Students, as usual, have been a credit to the school and an joy to accompany.

Published on 25th September 2016