JMHS students achieve well at GCSE

JMHS students achieve well at GCSE

 John Masefield High School students in Year 11 were celebrating strong results in their GCSE examinations this morning.  Many students who had worked extremely hard deservedly achieved good results.

Individual highlights included:

Anna Hedley-Brown: Ten grade 9s
Sophie Bocking: Eight grade 9s and one grade 8
Charlotte Walker: Seven grade 9s and three grade 8s
Alfie Fisher: Six grade 9s and two grade 8s
Megan Williams: Six grade 9s and two grade 8s
Eloise McKinnon: Six grade 9s and three grade 8s

This is an outstanding achievement for all of these individuals, with Anna Hedley-Brown achieving ten grade 9s being especially noteworthy.  A very large number of our students have worked very hard and achieved the strong grades they deserved.

65% of Year 11 students at John Masefield High School achieved at least 5 good grades including both English and Maths which compared well to the last year in which students sat exams as normal.

57% of JMHS students were entered for English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) subjects compared to around 40% nationally in the last year when exams were taken as normal (2019).

There were particularly strong results in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, and German where over 40% of entries resulted in grade 7 or higher.

Headteacher, Mr Evans said ‘I would like to send my congratulations to JMHS Year 11 students.  The students who received their results today had to work from home during extended periods in Year 9 and Year 10 during COVID lockdowns and coped admirably with the difficulties involved.  They were the first cohort to take examinations since 2019.  Students worked hard, supported each other, and deserved the consistently good results they achieved.  We are looking forward to working with many of these excellent students in our sixth form from September.’

Published on 25th August 2022