12 May - 07 Jun    
All Day


Mabels Furlong,, Ledbury,, HR8 2HF

Event Type

Monday 11 April (staff inset) Additional tests for Y12/Y13 in specified subjects as requested by staff
Tuesday 12 April – Wednesday 11 May Normal lessons
Monday 2 May Bank Holiday
Thursday 12 May – Tuesday 7 June Study leave for AS students only – students will negotiate with their mentor which lessons they are expected to attend during this period; arrangements will be different for students studying only BTEC subjects and these lessons will continue as normal
Monday 16 May Summer exams commence
Monday 30 May – Friday 3 June Half term
Monday 6 June Challenge day
Wed 8 June (from P3) – Friday 22 July A2 teaching commences (as normal Y12 lesson timetable); P1-P2 students will have carousel of presentations on UCAS/Careers and lessons will start from P3 – attendance is compulsory.
Tuesday 19 July – Wednesday 20 July Challenge days- (offsite trips for Sixth Form)
Friday 22 July Last day of summer term