House Competition Results Summer 2016

Following a competitive and very tight run race the House competitions results were announced during the end of summer term assembly. The results are as follows:

For attendance:

1st Midsummer

2nd Beacon

3rd Holywell

For punctuality:

1st place Holywell

2nd place Beacon

3rd place Midsummer

For behaviour:

1st place Holywell

2nd place Beacon

3rd place Midsummer

Beacon have won two cups- Care and Contribute and Midsummer have won five cups- Concentrate, Co-operate, Create, Commit and Connect.

House Points are awarded for all kinds of different reasons, not just the learning standards, and the overall house point competition results are as follows:

1st Place Holywell

2nd Place- Beacon

3rd Place- Midsummer

It was a very tight race to become the prestigious JMHS Champion House for 2016. Beacon came second in almost every major trophy, Jubilee have won charity and sport, Midsummer won attendance and several learning standards and Holywell House won points, behaviour and punctuality.

Overall, in 3rd place are Midsummer, in 2nd place are Beacon and our House Champions for the first time ever in the ten years we have run our House system are Holywell House. Congratulations to Holywell House on their well deserved win.



Published on 12th September 2016